Post #458 I Love You, Guys!

this is the first day of midterm, four days before Java Jazz, and exactly two weeks before WORLD MODEL UNITED NATION 2011! and the beginning of SENAT KOLESE GONZAGA 2011/2012 term of duty!

good luck dimas randhan prayodya and 10 other guys i haven’t know yet! *is the senat still 11 people, keep me informed guys, i’ve missed so much!* and who’s my grandkid? who’s the secretaries? LOL! wish i could be at the ceremony today, it’s just the most wonderful feeling being part of the senat!

congratulations to senat 2010/2011 for their term of duty the last year! so proud of being part of your process and thank you for giving the best last semester in our year at our beloved kolese gonzaga :*

ignatius abimanyu putra

yohanes mega hendarto

kezia ruth evelyn wajong

*uu my girl, you’ve made me and all the past secretary proud!*

rachael abigail

patrecya rosa oeinantisan

melissa amanda

bayu bijaksana rumondor

dimas randhan prayodya

michael bharly radot mancini

blandhina lintang

reinardus dody triatmaja

you guys had done a very great job! love you guys :*


and for the blessings i'’ve received today for midterm :’) i’d like to thank my dearly beloved man and friends on our endless chat (which i never close the thing on my bbm) ;)

timothy satyaabieza thanks for the biggest emotional comfort since the very beginning :’) you’ve been so great! thank you and kisses

alexander christian nugroho dude, you’re the first one today, thaaaankksss and hugs! and don’t forget to bath after your  unbelievable long day today!

jessica indriani and erica pricilla tjiadarma i love you guys so much! thank yooooouuuuuuuuuu! happy working and classes you too! erica please take care on the sleeping and eating, girl!

abieza’s mom thank you for the rendang, i’ll pick it up this weekend, tantteeee :’)


off to nail those exams! and i am in a really good mood to start it off (bons, you know why ;)) ttyl, guys!


Post #457 Jazz Revolution Project Download-o-Matic!

click the song title for the download link :)

01 Funky Chunky

02 Hello There

03 Lagu Jawa

04 Me and You (Dancow Cover)

05 Fly Awaythis one is abieza’s but done during JRP recording so why not put it here? ;)

there has been few request on the songs, even from the two adorable guitarist with blank face asking me for the songs LOL!

so timothy alexander galih putri if you want ‘em just click and download :D for y’all readers feel free to listen to our music :D

fyi, i’ve been doing marketing so much lately, i should really move to business school. it’s only two floors away ;) just kidding.

enjoy jazz revolution project!

for information on JAZZ REVOLUTION PROJECT:

Laurenzia Luna



ask me page on my tumblr

Post #456 Take It Down!


take it down game link! 1-20 level, i spent a very productive 90 minutes.

since this afternoon i’ve been, again, throwing up what i eat (i am not bulimic or anorexic) so tonight i gave up on eating and filling my tummy with hot tea and nibbling on bread. last time i ate was thursday before IR class, got so full couldn’t eat anything the night after. after that night, i just don’t feel like eating. this afternoon when i got home, i ate rice with corned beef and voile, kneeling on the toilet for a couple of minute and haven’t productively eating since.


Post #454 Shoe Wish List!

queen authentic vans (even the aglet has the word queen on ‘em!)

converse jimi hendrix

adidas princess leia

do i have to say anything more? they’re awesome!

Post #453 Pang Pang Endemic

just when you said we’s try lovin’ touchin’ squeezin’ each other

this pang pang endemic started around april-may 2010 when erica pricilla tjiadarma and jessica indriani came to school for doing yearbook, they went to circle k first, bought nescafe’s and pang pang. when i tasted ‘em while doing yearbook’s layout and graphic design: MAN, THAT’S HELL OF A SNACK!

i would lay a handful of pang pang in my keyboard, make it all kinda sticky ;) but it’s easy to eat. my fingers were only working on ctrl+alt+z or the occasional enter and backspace. the rest just massive mouse-play and eye-pinching in front of an overly zoomed page of the yearbook. at times of artist-block, i’d eat ‘em then voila!

pang pang is a sorta’ cracker, sweet made of tuber (in indonesian: ubi). they’re shaped like little concrete-blocks. sweet like glazed in honey.  crunchy in all the right way. yumm ;)

this morning before my 10 am tante manado KWN class i bought a fat pack of pang pang to help me survive the day. i ate a quarter before class and nibble on ‘em during class. then at the wmun meeting, my mentor adrian hartanto started tasting ‘em and couldn’t stop eating. my friends, the manadonese cousins natasha lystia rumambi and priscilla alexandra wakkary couldn’t stop nibbling on ‘em too, and our senior kak karina as well!! we ended up spillin’ ‘em on my IR book and snack on ‘em all meeting long! LOL!

pang pang endemic indeed! ;)

oh God, help us! :p


Post #452 Keep It Untitled

i’m just gonna say it out loud:


that’s me reaction to a sister’s blog and the other one’s twitter (and blackberry messenger status) --“

Post #451 Gather Round, Gather Round

long time no see eh bloggieeesss? i don’t have any excuse or denial but i’ve been cheating on my baby…

…with tumblr

i made a tumblr account a few months ago, and it’s been inactive since, because i was frustated with twitter (it’s only microblogging! i need to macroblog from my phone!) and then i realized that my blackberry supports tumblr, so hell yeah why not, right?

it’s actually easy to use, on the dashboard you can, like, practically choose what you want to post and just bang bang, voila there goes your post. very convenient. and it works like a giant form of twitter! you can reblogged (it’s like retweeting) and you can heart the posts of others. you follow and become a follower of fellows tumblr-ers and bang, you go international!

i’ve had so many dreams and  wishes when i was little and it keeps changing like a buddha reincarnation cycle, one of ‘em is being a writer and i think, at least for myself, i already got that.

i’ve said this to myself a thousand times and once yesterday to abieza, i have a purpose to write and certain post are dedicated to certain friends or big men in the parliament, big daddy J, presidents; THEY MIGHT NOT READ IT, BUT FOR ME IT’S BETTER THAN SITTING IN SILENCE WHERE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK. not everybody is as lucky, ya’ know?

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

- Edward Renaldi

come on! live a little! do something outta’ your daily ordinary boring stuff, maaan! bungee jumping off a cliff (with professional and safety precautions, of course) or go crazy with your life. be brave.

i think i was brave when i first parasailed. i think i was brave (and stupid) when i lit first cigarette. i think i was brave when i came outta’ my mom’s vajayjay. i think i was brave when i realized i never gonna have a mom and dad, like forever and ever. i think i was brave when i became a senator.

bad things that happens to your life, they suck! and no matter how you complaint and whine and cry and get angry and frustrated, it’s still gonna be bad things. but one thing you can do, get passed it. it happened and don’t waste you’re time wondering what should have done to make it right, BUT PRACTICALLY MAKE IT RIGHT.

i’m an optimistic person and i’m so albus dumbledore – i believe in the very best of people. i’ve had my share of troubles of my 18-years-5-months-and-28-days of living, but i’m not gonna change. why would i change myself to follow the world where i could be different? i’m proud of being who i am.

it sucks being let down by people you believe, that’s the downward hole of an arse side of my personal values. but when everybody are only looking the worst of people, who are going to appreciate them? there are good in each individual, but people are consumed by the negative sphere that they forgot that. for me, that is unfair.


semangkuk mie ayam dan es teh manis and kopi hitam dan rokok are megaphones to my voices. so hell, what i wanna say i’m gonna say it.


Post #450 Wasn’t Enough

i have, like, sooo many unpost draft here i just completely forgot to write more. i was kinda busy this holiday you know (and right now is already the end of the second week of the second semester *shy mode on!*)


i went shooting for a friend’s short-film, i’m not in it but i helped it ;) click this, it’s the link to the trailer! and click this one for my little project hihihi ;)


well, that’s one of the holiday. second was christmas day. that was biiihhhh-zeeeeee! (i was gonna write busy, but it’s more eyecatching isn’t it? i know i got your attention). new year’s? one word would described it. i got wasted. i think it was productive start-of-the-year-night though, all of us just blabbering about the ups-and-downs of our relationships and gave each other advices and the early 4am tea to ooze the hangover LOL!


well other than that, i was intrigued by this savage chickens comic “beyond the web”


answer these questions for me, will you? i thank you for reading my blog, but also i thank you and kindly ask YOU to GET A MIRROR and ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS TO YOURSELF! i found my answer surprising me but not unexpected.


  1. are you, yes YOU, an internet freak?
    • how many hours a day do you spend online? (gaming, downloading, social networking, youtube, porn *i really don’t judge*, chatting, etc)
    • when was the last time your email(s) inbox(es) wasn’t full of social network notification?
    • when was the last time your paper or homework assignment without any internet help?
    • did you whine and complain when your teacher and lecturer said you have to do your assignment ‘OFFLINE’?
  2. are you, again YOU, a smartphone zombie?
    • how many social network or instant messaging service do you have in your phone and they are on ‘online-mode’?
    • are you checking your phone for instant-messages or social network notification (blackberry messenger and twitter and facebook included!) just now?
    • how many times in an hour do you check your phone for that?
  3. will you read the rest of this post after you answer this?

again, i’m not judging but isn’t what doug savage got it right in his chicken cartoon?


i gotta be honest, i’m a having a long distance relationship. not only with my dearest boyfriend, timothy satyaabieza, but also with my bestfriends so i admit i am one of those smartphone zombies. i’m constantly on my phone, and in my time of need, i chat about it. well, waiting to see ‘em and talk to ‘em in person is a relatively hard option.


with the time differences with abieza, when i want to talk to him sometimes it’s gotta be on the weirdest time of day, in the middle of my class or his, my lunch or his breakfast. i don’t mind and i don’t think he is either. i do feel better when i talk to him like that, but i would feel best if i talk to him personally. *this is just one of the obstacle of LDR*


with my bestfriends, pretty much the same. not to mention with the pending, the low-battery, and all those yada-yada’s.. not all of us can be with each other at the same time even in chatting.


this is the reality – at least my reality *lecturers in my classes always  emphasize on real examples* and how awkward it is when you meet someone new and when there’s this awkward silence, you’d go to your phone – maybe to strike up a conversation topic, or ask the person for social network account – the awkward silence would last longer. whatever happen to good old fashioned conversation? it’s not HUMAN it’s ROBOTIC!


my high school family – yes, they are not friends to me, they are my family – taught me in the beginning of our journey there and also what i taught my juniors about during my time there is that the person standing next to you may not as lucky as you to have a phone. our family taught us of 3C (and from my batch) + one more C. COMPETENCE, COMPASSION, CONSCIENCE + COMMITMENT. well, simply to care about others. not just through charity (in which, i’m sorry to say, right now i’m in the most apathetic environment ever that caring is only through an overly exposed action for charity). use your phone in a necessary amount of time and don’t expose it. don’t overly hide when you’re using it too, that’s exaggerating, but just be subtle. NOT EVERYBODY, EVEN THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU, IS AS LUCKY AS YOU. be compassionate.


technology is as evil as it is helpful. be wise or be damned. be human for that matter!


thank you for reading this, i hope you have pleasant experience and if there’s any comment, feel free to contact me. i do apologize if i offend you, my readers. L.


Post #449 Mengalun Bergantian Merdu

from the beginning i’ve following mira lesmana’s twitter and her progress of creating musikal laskar pelangi.


the story itself has been an inspiration for me since the beginning. i love love andrea hirata. my favorite indonesian writer :) inspired reading all four books.


watching the movie, definite cry cry session. with half of gonzaga watching as well. first outing with jesby erc gleny :’)


and this epic masterpiece of the wondrous story, the musical one! yeaaahhh, i’m gonna watch it. please, nothing would go wrong :’) aaammmeeennn. this made possible thanks to, again, my dearest friend alexander christian nugroho. tweet about it, @michaelpermana said i should ask him then he asked before i did ask. *good boy :p * i wanna go with timothy satyaabieza though :’) miss you much!


i’m a theater freak! broadway freak! i watched the 60’s movie of west side story and absolutely it’s my favorite. tonight is one of my ultimate favorite song since i was little. i just mesmerized by theater.


wicked is also my uber favorite. i mean, as a kid don’t you just love the wizard of oz? dorothy and all her adventures? broadway’s amazing! i deeply want to go to new york for this :’)


glee is somewhat a theater music too.. so don’t care how you mock it, hon, i love glee :*


never watched any play life before so i’m super excited. just hope and pray nothing go wrong and i get to watch it :’)


Post #448 So Why Leave Them Behind?

as i promised on the previous post, now i would like to write about masterchef and food.


i’m a big fan of food. if you ask my hobby i would say eating is numero uno. lucky for me, as a big eater i ain’t no plus-size so it really is a blessing i’m so proud to take advantage of. i also have the sweetest of sweet tooth! i absolutely love desserts, cakes, cookies, pies, ice creams, and most of all BROWNIES!!! love ‘em love ‘em! especially when the all gooey baked brownies combined with the most moist of whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles. aaarrrgghhh, all time best!


i ain’t no cook, i can cook but not so good. but i believe, with all my heart and soul, I AM A GOOD BAKER! yesterday, yes on christmas eve morning, i bake a big pan of valentine’s day brownies and the in-laws chocolate cookies (the latter, it’s kinda’ joke-ish mention *sorry, dearest ;)*)


valentine’s day brownies it’s a simple baked brownies. chocolate with sugar, butter, flour, and ya’ know what brownies are made of. my addition is rum (i’m a big jack sparrow fan too!) and candy chocolate inside or on top ;) why i named it valentine’s day brownies? because i first made it on me and dearest abieza’s second valentine’s day on february 2010 ;) *our first was 2009, jazz revolution project played on raffles international christian school’s valentine’s day* i spent the whole morning while he was at church baking the brownies because he said he would come over later in the afternoon. aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd, he came with the biggest bouquet of yellow daisies! and he loved the brownies! love you love you!

this brownie also has the honor of being called as brownies dahsyat by my dearest erc :* (huuuugggssss)…


the in-laws chocolate cookies it’s kinda like chocolate chip cookies but without the chocolate chips still taste awesome though ;) i made it first for abieza’s 18 birthday and he absolutely loved it *yeaaa i know you do!* he said that his whole family liked it too *embarrass shy emoticons here!* so you get it yea why i name it that.. AMEN! *gosh, i really love my man!*


masterchef? gordon ramsay is frikin’ hot! and i love love love the food and graham elliot is adorable. reminds me sort of my dearest abieza ;) *runaway and hide* the show pretty much inspires me to try learning and practicing to cook and bake. and that’s what i wanna do! i wanna cook for my man ;)


btw btw btw btw! my baby cousin (well, he’s not a baby anymore) abimael candraditya is on the Indonesia national baseball team and they’re playing in Japan right now! so dooooooon’t just make a big fuss of the frikin’ football team (which not exactly national, the players are effin’ imported!), go take a look and support our baseball team too! merry christmas, my dear mael! hit the ball outta’ the park! love you soooo much!


another btw btw btw btw check this link out! thankkssss :*


Post #447 Can’t You See?

oh please, click this link


i dunno whether i should be enticed and flattered or be disgusted … i’m feeling more of the latter right now. so yea major awkward silence WHAT THE HELL moment. i’m pretty sure i ain’t taking it as a compliment.


oyea, and this an ultimatum! for now on, any blogpost related to my sister would be tagged as a bieber-fever! can’t argue with that, it’s final! *signed and sealed by me! the one and only sole blogger of mie ayam dan es teh manis*