Post #458 I Love You, Guys!

this is the first day of midterm, four days before Java Jazz, and exactly two weeks before WORLD MODEL UNITED NATION 2011! and the beginning of SENAT KOLESE GONZAGA 2011/2012 term of duty!

good luck dimas randhan prayodya and 10 other guys i haven’t know yet! *is the senat still 11 people, keep me informed guys, i’ve missed so much!* and who’s my grandkid? who’s the secretaries? LOL! wish i could be at the ceremony today, it’s just the most wonderful feeling being part of the senat!

congratulations to senat 2010/2011 for their term of duty the last year! so proud of being part of your process and thank you for giving the best last semester in our year at our beloved kolese gonzaga :*

ignatius abimanyu putra

yohanes mega hendarto

kezia ruth evelyn wajong

*uu my girl, you’ve made me and all the past secretary proud!*

rachael abigail

patrecya rosa oeinantisan

melissa amanda

bayu bijaksana rumondor

dimas randhan prayodya

michael bharly radot mancini

blandhina lintang

reinardus dody triatmaja

you guys had done a very great job! love you guys :*


and for the blessings i'’ve received today for midterm :’) i’d like to thank my dearly beloved man and friends on our endless chat (which i never close the thing on my bbm) ;)

timothy satyaabieza thanks for the biggest emotional comfort since the very beginning :’) you’ve been so great! thank you and kisses

alexander christian nugroho dude, you’re the first one today, thaaaankksss and hugs! and don’t forget to bath after your  unbelievable long day today!

jessica indriani and erica pricilla tjiadarma i love you guys so much! thank yooooouuuuuuuuuu! happy working and classes you too! erica please take care on the sleeping and eating, girl!

abieza’s mom thank you for the rendang, i’ll pick it up this weekend, tantteeee :’)


off to nail those exams! and i am in a really good mood to start it off (bons, you know why ;)) ttyl, guys!

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